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Playing Skill VS Luck In Playing Poker

Aktualizováno: 19.05.2017

Playing poker does require playing skills, tricks, and of course luck or what we call hockey. But often in the gambling community many are asking about luck against playing skills or tricks. Actually this is nothing to worry about, because in skill games it is indeed very useful for winning. But so is the luck of the cards that can be played when it comes to winning a poker match.


Some Basic Techniques for Playing Poker:

The following are some basic understandings of Poker Online games that need to be known before plunging directly into the game. And some playing tricks that are generally used by poker players from various media both online and at the casino.


Basic Understanding of Poker Games:

The Flop – the flop is the pre-round / first step when you finish making the first bet and open 3 cards on the table.

The Turn – the turn is the second part after the flop, which is when 4 cards are open on the table and is the third hold for betting.

The River – the river is the last stage in poker and 5 cards will be opened and after this the winner is determined in that round.


Check – a position when you and your opponent have the same bet amount and do not want to add a bet for the next turn.

Raise – a position where you or your opponent raises the bet amount to increase the bet value in a turn.

Call – the position where the opponent raised the bet amount and you want to join to raise it.

Fold – this is where you do not want to join or close the cards, and bets that you have placed will be forfeited.




Some Frequently Used Poker Tricks and Techniques:


Bluffing – or more familiar with bluffing, a position where you raise the value of a bet significantly or suddenly suddenly. This is often used by poker players, to make opponents close cards. And sometimes this trick is used to lure your opponent to place even bigger bets for certain positions (when you have a high card such as royal flush, straight flush, etc).